How do I specify specific shared custom fields to include in an search export?

My organization includes nearly 20 individual teams, and each team owns a single Asana project to manage their social editorial calendar. Each team’s project is a mix of custom fields that are shared across all teams, AND additional custom fields that are unique to each specific team. I’d like to be able to create a saved search that excludes some of the unique fields, but still captures all of the shared fields + the typical Asana details like task name, due date, and tags. Has anyone found a solution to this that doesn’t involve an extensive CSV cleanup to manually remove the fields we don’t need for our report?

Hi @Francesco_Vella , in your advanced search options, in the bottom left, choose Add filter > Add field, search for a single-select or multi-select field in your library, then change the setting to ‘With any value’. You can also add more custom fields to your search. Then in your search results you should see these columns appear along with assignee, due date, projects and tags.

Alternatively, have you tried creating a dashboard for your reports instead of generating CSVs? If you are on Business/Advanced tier or higher, in your sidebar, go to Insights>Reporting and then Create>Dashboard. There, you can create charts, extracting data from tasks, projects, portfolios or goals from your entire Asana space. The charts you create are all clickable, so clicking on a slice of a donut or a bar of a column chart will lead you to an advanced search results page, which you can also export to CSV or sync to a Google sheet. The columns/fields in those search results are based on the settings and filters of the chart that you clicked on.

Hi Richard! Appreciate the response and suggestions. Unfortunately, I’m not sure either of these solutions achieve what I am looking for.

On the first point, it’s not that I’m having trouble getting custom fields to appear in my CSV export — it’s the opposite. I want to omit most of the custom fields from appearing as columns at all in my CSV so I spend less time clearing out unneeded data. Essentially, we have 20 unique projects for a combined 100+ unique custom fields, but of those fields we want to generate a CSV export that includes the task names and data from 10 or so specific custom fields. The issue is across all projects we have nearly 100 custom fields and they all get represented in the CSV, leading to a document with 100+ columns.

On the second point, unfortunately the desired output is a CSV file that we share with a vendor to perform data analysis. A dashboard would be helpful (and I do use them with teams), but that dashboard cannot be exported and thus it’s not something we can deliver to our vendor.

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