How do I Sort by Assignee Priority


I am doing a search for tasks that the assignee has marked for “today” with the following query:


This works great, but I’d like those to be sorted as the assignee sees them in their “My Tasks” view. The default sort seems to be last modified and I don’t see an option in the API to sort by the assignee priority. Am I missing something or is there hidden functionality to achieve this sort (even if it is on my side)?




There are no sorting option at the Api. You will need to fetch all tasks and group them by assignee. As far as I know, you are not able to get the My tasks priority of the user tasks.

Maybe @Phil_Seeman has something more helpful for you.


That’s correct. Theoretically I think if you were to query all tasks in the special hidden “My Tasks” Project via

GET    /projects/projectId-id/tasks

you’d probably get them back in the order the user sees them; but at present there is no way via the API to get this special Project ID for the “My Tasks” project.


Thanx for the response Phil :slight_smile:


Thank you both for the help.

@Phil_Seeman is the Project ID for the “My Tasks” project something that I could sniff out manually somehow for each user?


I just found this thread Getting a user’s “My Tasks” Project ID. I’ll follow along for progress there.