How do I set "Show incomplete tasks" permanently in column view?


How do I set “Show incomplete tasks” permanently in column view? I tried clicking the "Save view for everyone"button. But it reverts to showing all tasks (including complete ones) the moment I login later.


Hi Dilin! Marie here from Asana! Technically, the “Save view for everyone” feature ( should definitely save your chosen view as the default one. Is this is happening across multiple Boards or only with a specific one? Have you tried login and saving the view from another browser? Keep me posted! :slight_smile:


I’m getting this issue across all boards. I’m using the AppSana app from the Mac app store.


Hi @Dilin_Anand! This app wasn’t actually developed by Asana but by a third party developer, so I would advise you to contact them directly to see if they can fix this issue. You should find their details on the AppStore. Hope this helps!


Thanks. But the issue remains when I access through a browser too. I’m moving back to List view for now.


Hi @Dilin_Anand! These steps ( might help to fix the issue on Asana itself. Keep me posted! :slight_smile: