How do I see all assigned colors in Asana APP Calendar View?


for some reason I only see the assigned color of one of my tasks in Calendar View. How can I make all colors visible? See the attached picture. (Every task has a color assigned)

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi @Jaws_TGWS84 :wave:t3:

In a Project Calendar, these colors come with custom fields, you can learn more about it in the following article: Asana calendar view options | Product guide • Asana. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Hi @Marie,
thanks for your reply. As I stated in my initial text, every task has a custom field. We are talking about the app, not the web application. As you can see in my screenshot, I only see the custom field of one single task, the others do not show the custom field I assigned. How do I see them all? Thank you

@Jaws_TGWS84, I believe the colors shown emanate from other projects (besides Roadmap) in which the task is also a member (“multi-homed” to). I’m guessing in your case only that one task is multi-homed to another project.

I tested myself and it works that way, and as expected, for me. Is that the case for you?


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Thanks for your quick reply. That´s also what I figured at first, but oddly enough, I created this task only in this specific Project, meaning it is neither in any other project, nor as project itself and thus not double homed. But I went back to test another theory and was suprised to find all the colors available and visible in Calendar View. Could have been a synching problem, but then this task was created last. But no matter now, it seems to work fine. Thanks for your great support!


I planned on doing a complete study of this, because color can come from project, custom field or tags ^^