How do I - One task, multiple/configured notifications (not assignees)

So I understand that any task can have only one assignee. My question revolves around the use of forms:

We have a situation where a single content request can be applied to 3 different locations:

  • Website
  • Intranet
  • Modified to post on microsite

3 different people manage these 3 different entities. How can I configure a form so that if the requestor checks the box for each location (or any variation of 1 or 2), that those individuals related to those locations receives a notification? (and doesn’t receive one if they’re box is not checked off?

Thanks for your time to brainstorm

My initial thought was to somehow assign a value of the person’s email address to the checkbox (or a multi-select, label/value type thing), then have the SEND TO field set to populate the values from those checked/selected boxes/multi select.


You can use rules to look at values (answers) and redirect to a specific project/assign/comment by mentioning a specific person. However, it seems like you want to use the multi-select question from the form, and that question, unless I am mistaken, can’t be tied to a custom fields and thus can’t be looked at when using Rules… @Phil_Seeman any idea?

If you are able to have not one multi-select question, but several questions like “Applies to website” with a dropdown “Yes” or “No” for example, then what you describe is possible.

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Thanks for the callout, @Bastien_Siebman.

@Bart_Raboin1, you could accomplish what you want using the Hashtag Automation feature of Flowsana (I’m its author).

The solution is basically described in this forum post. The difference for you would be that you’d create a tag corresponding to each of the 3 people, and then instead of a rule where the action is to create subtasks as in that post, your rule would be “If the task has tag X, assign the task to Mary Smith”. Does that make sense? I realize it’s a bit complex so let me know if not.

As a simpler variation on the above, if you didn’t mind having the user name or email address of the 3 people showing on the form, then instead of the #codes shown in that example which map to tags, you could just use the “assign to” hashtag automation feature to assign the task to the appropriate person. In that case you wouldn’t need to create any rules. Again let me know if that’s not clear and you want more info.

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