How do I get the repeat rule of a task from the API

I trying to get the repeat rule form a task. I presume it would be in the iCal RRULE format and available as a field on the task but I cant see to find a way to get it. Does anyone know if its availble?

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Looping in our developer relations Asana, @Matt_Bramlage! Matt - can you help Nick out?

Hi @Nick_Woodhead, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, task repeat is not available via the API.

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Any progress on this? I see it was posted 1 year ago. I am also looking for a way the API can set reoccurring tasks.

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Any updates here?

No updates, sorry - it’s not currently possible to get or set task recurrence info via the API.

Is there any future plan to make recurrence info available via API?

I’ve not heard of any, but in general Asana does not pre-announce future product changes. I’m looping in @Joe_Trollo @Matt_Bramlage @Jeff_Schneider from Asana in case they have any additional comments.

Sorry, we do not have any plans to expose information about task recurrence in the API.

Hi @Joe_Trollo.
Are there any plans to get this tiny feature developed? It is very important to us and is blocking our project with Asana.

Joe Trollo is not with Asana any longer.

@Jeff_Schneider @John_Baldo