Recurring/Repeating Subtask Automation

Hi! I am hoping to automatically add a repeating subtask when a task is created. The subtask is a task that must be done daily, so the repeating function works great. When I manually make the subtask recur, it’s perfect. However, I want to make this automated since I need it on every task created. I initially thought I would use a template, but it looks like there’s no way to set up repeating subtasks in a template. My tasks are currently created using the API anyway (in python), so I thought there might be a way to add repeating subtasks at the same time. However, the documentation doesn’t list repeat as a parameter. Is there a way to automate this, or is it only doable manually? Thanks!

Sorry, @Clare_Specht, I’m afraid this isn’t available via the API, as mentioned in these threads: