How do I delete an entire folder?


Some of our work is project work and the client is short term. How do I completely remove entire folders from Asana?


Hi @Susan_Abramovitz, Asana doesn’t really have “folders”, so would you mind please sending a screenshot of what you’re referring to?

Are you wanting to delete a Project, Task, Team, or something else?


Thanks for your quick response. The “folders” I refer to are on the sidebar and represent our clients. We list the individual projects under the company name. I want to be able to delete the company names from the sidebar when all work is completed. =


OK gotcha! The screenshot you posted is what appears to be a list of Asana Teams, and you have a few different options to clean things up:

  • Option #1 - Delete the Team completely. Deleting a team will delete any projects within it, so this likely isn’t what you’re looking for, but you can delete the team completely. You cannot undo this, so it might be overkill for what you need. A related option is to create a new Team called something like “Archived Projects”, move old projects to that team for posterity, THEN delete the now-empty Team. More info HERE

  • Option #2 - Change the name of the team to indicate that the work is complete. By hovering over the team name and clicking on the “…” icon, then “Edit Team Settings”, you can change the name of the team to be something like “Archived - [Client Name]”. That will allow you to keep all the old data, but let you and your team know that it’s no longer needed.

  • Option #3 - Remove yourself from the team. This will remove the Team from your main sidebar, but keep all related projects for later in case you want to rejoin later. More info HERE Note: you may need to ask a colleague to add you back later if the team is not Public to the Organization