How do I auto assign due dates to tasks and sub tasks? HELP

I have durations in for each task and dependencies mapped out. I put the due date in the first task, hoping all the other tasks would autopopulate, like Smartsheet does. But alas, nothing. Taking it to the timeline view is no help either.

I want to make this project a template so that we can copy it over to new projects and set the initial date in one of the tasks and have everything else update. Also if a task is behind schedule, assign an updated due date and see how that cascades down the project through the dependencies.

I can’t find any helpful videos regarding this topic. PLEASE HELP! They made me switch from Smartsheet to Asana and the pressure is on. I have one day to finalize the project and it’s going to take hours to assign and reassign due dates on everything manually. HELP.

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For your first question:

For the second start at the link and read several following sections on that page:



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