How can we see the 'column' data on other projects?



Columns are essentially a visible custom field, however it seems like I can’t see the value of this “column” field in other projects like any other custom field. Can I?

As it is, we use boards for client-view but my team members still use “self” projects to manage their work across clients. Is there a better way? We can’t see column values in “self” projects and “My tasks” doesn’t have the flexibility of a self-named project.


@dan_sullivan that is correct. Custom fields are distinct from column titles. It’s helpful to know that you interpret column titles in this way.

If you’d like to carry the column titles over to personal projects, I suggest that you create sections of the same name or, as you mention, use custom fields.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.


I guess I should request it as a feature. It seems logical to me. I often
use the board view to communicate with clients but I find it much easier to
handle the administration of a list view – creating, sorting, processing
more than a single field (which is to say – the column) is a lot faster in
the list view. Similarly in some cases I would even create several
different board views of the same set of tasks so that I could visually
handle updating/processing a single field at a time very rapidly. But this
only works if the column “field” is linked to a custom field available
elsewhere. Thanks for the note back.