How can I make the iOS widget show a specific project and not just today’s tasks?

In fact, the latter is completely useless for me. I also use several organizations and it is impossible for me to know in which org the task created via the widget will be stored. I just switched from Android to iOS and I’m very puzzled on why the Android widget is 10x better than the iOS one. I find this limitation very disruptive for my workflow.

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In the iOS app on the bottom you have „home“, „my tasks“, „inbox“, „search“ and „account“

Under „home“ you can easily access all projects, portfolios and goals.
Under projects you can then also see all, favorites or just the ones you recently accessed.

You can also locate projects very fast via the search.

See under „account“ there it shows which org you are currently logged in to and you can easily switch org (if you have the emails connected).

If you use completely separate Asana accounts that means you would have to log out to then be able to login to the other one. If that is a feature you are interested as well then I recommend upvoting this existing feedback request thread: Switching Between Multiple Asana Accounts in iOS

Does this help?

Hi Andrea, thanks for your reply. Actually no, it does not help, unfortunately. I’m afraid I wasn’t stating my issue clearly, so let me try again!
I was not talking of the iOS app in general, I was actually referring to the iOS widget. What I would expect from a widget, ideally, would be to let me easily create a new task very fast and on the go. That’s how I have always used widgets in Android, for instance. I would use it to quickly create tasks for the different projects (and organizations) I am part of. The Android widget let me choose the org and the project that every widget was showing, and that was super useful. With the iOS widget it doesn’t seem I have this possibility: it just shows Today’s tasks for the organization that I selected the last time I opened the app.
So let’s say I’m part of Org A and Org B. In Android, I would have 2 widgets, one pointing to Project X in Org A and one pointing to Project Y in Org B. Creating tasks on the go was extremely fast and efficient. In iOS, if I want to create tasks on the go I click on the plus button in the widget, but then I have to make sure that the org that is selected is the right one, and I have to manually select the project I want the task added to. It basically takes me 3x the time wrt Android, and it adds friction. So much so that I’m considering not using Asana anymore for this kind of use case.
So my question is: Am I missing something? Why would such a feature be present in the Android widget and not the iOS one?

Ah okay now I understand so basically an improvement and more efficient task creation process especially with keeping in mind the organization’s visibility.

I went ahead and changed the category your post was shared in to form this into a feedback request thread instead. Now you can upvote and maybe also rename the task title so it is very clear that this is mainly about efficient task creation.

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On iOS I use shortcuts to quickly add task to specific projects

Enric how can i do that?

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