How can I identify subtasks that are milestones?

I am setting up integration between Jira and Asana using If a subtask is marked as a milestone, I cannot set a “start date” on the Asana task - which makes sense because it would be the same as the due date. However, when I look at the data returned by getting the subtask, there is no “resource_subtype” field returned. (In fact, there’s no “resource_type” field returned either.) So I can’t tell if the subtask is a milestone or not. I can put some error handling around it, but it seems odd to me that the api data would omit this.

Hi @Jen_McVicker,

What endpoint are you calling to get the subtask?

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Querying a subtask is exactly as querying a task (a subtask is a task), and you have access to the “parent” field, which indicates if it is or not a subtask, and the resource_subtype is filled with milestone for a task or a subtask, it’s the same.

I think that “” is maybe querying subtasks using another method.
Are they returning subtask as a complete task, or only as an array of subtasks from the parent task?
That can be the problem.

Because, if you query your subtask directly (GET /tasks/xxxxx), you will get the data you need.

Yup, that is indeed the case. It looks like the interface is missing three fields: permalink_url, resource_type, and resource_subtype. Everything else is coming through, but not those three. I’ll message the tray folks and ask them to update the connector.

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