API for milestones?


Regarding Announcing milestones!:

Is there any timeline for when the ability to create milestones will be available in the API? I can see the type is reported in the resource_subtype field of the task, but it is read only. Is a new endpoint planned to modify this?



Hi @Kothar, now that milestones have officially launched, we will allow changing the resource subtype of tasks in the API. It won’t be done through a new endpoint, but rather through the existing PUT /tasks/<task-id> endpoint. I’ll update this thread once we’ve enabled writing to the resource_subtype field.


Fantastic, thanks Joe!


This is now available in the public API, and you can write to resource_subtype to change between "default_task" and "milestone". (Because of the upcoming sections deprecation we are not allowing clients to set this field to "section".)