Is there any way in the REST API to return all tasks of resource_type 'milestone'?

I’m looking to get a task that has the same name in multiple projects (I don’t really know in which projects they are since we’re constantly creating some new projects) and the only thing that I can use to select them would be the fact that they are milestones.

I added a custom tag to these tasks and I used the GET /tags/XXXX/tasks REST API and it worked.
However, it would be better for me if I could do this without having to tag these tasks since it will be hard to tag them all without forgetting any.


Please note that “milestone” is a resource_subtype, not a resource_type.

Currently there’s no documented way to do this, as there’s no way to retrieve only tasks of a certain resource_subtype.

@Joe_Trollo, what do you think about adding resource_subtype as a search criterion in the Search API? The resource_subtype field has become pretty important now, what with sections and milestones; might you think about adding it to Search?


Thanks for the answer, I’ll find another way until it’s resolved then!

The search API has been updated to take a resource_subtype query parameter, so you can fetch only tasks that are milestones by using resource_subtype=milestone (or only tasks that are not milestones by using resource_subtype=default_task).


@Joe_Trollo you made my day, I was looking for this :slight_smile: