Search in subtasks


Using: workspaces/###/tasks/search?text=SOMETHING HERE

I can get all tasks but I’d like also to have all subtasks or have a flag or something that I can also search subtasks:

Example workspaces/###/subtasks/task ID/search?text=SOMETHING HERE

You guys have any solution for searching subtasks? Thank you!


Hi @Cezar_Ayran,

There’s a boolean is_subtask attribute you can specify when using the Search API. See the Search API documentation page for more info.


Thank you for reply to me. I used this attribute and I can filter subtasks but the only problem is that I don’t know what task it belongs once I can have many subtasks with same title… anyway to add an attribute for specific task and then find a subtask?


I’m not 100.0% sure but I don’t believe so.


I just open the subtask URL passing task ID and used PHP array_search to find a subtask… it’s slow but it’s what we have now lol

Thanks bro!

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The search API supports the same opt_fields parameter as our other endpoints, so you can use opt_fields=parent to include the parent task as a field on the tasks in the search result. This should help you distinguish the different matching subtasks.