How can I duplicate/copy a 'section'

I am trying to find a way to copy a “section” and all of it’s tasks over and over again. I use asana for my photography client organizing. I need the ‘timeline’ view. I want to make a section be indvidual clients. Then the tasks within the section are the editing/ordering steps (assigned to my staff) that are linked together in order to make sure the clients orders get processed in time. I am trying to create and use a template of the ‘section’ and be able to use it over and over. I am open to whatever way this needs to be to accomplish.

In the past I’ve created ‘Tasks’ as my clients then the steps were supb-tasks. This works well (and I can copy easily) the issue is I can’t use the timline option. I’ve tried the ‘blocking’ feature which sorta works…but I really need the timeline feature to be able to be used.

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Amanda_Kishel!

Currently you cannot just copy a section, however there are some workarounds:

Also you might wanna upvote this existing feedback request thread.


After just reading a “workaround” for copying a section in the Asana forum FROM FOUR YEARS AGO — which no longer works — it’s totally inexcusable that this feature/option isn’t available yet. Copying a section is a blatantly obvious need. Workarounds are acceptable for a short period of time, but come on… FOUR YEARS?!?

yeah, this really needs a fix, especially as the move multiuple to new project feature is no longer a feature in asana… please fix