How can I create tasks in a specific column of a board?

We’ve built a feature in our internal team mobile app that allows the user to take a picture of an issue they need to report, which creates an Asana task through the API with the picture attached.

These tasks are created on a board that our operations team monitors, and reacts quickly to resolve the issues documented.

The problem is that the new tasks are created in the column of the board with the most tasks, rather than the leftmost or rightmost column. The goal is to have a specific column serve as the “To Do” or inbox for the team. Then team members claim those tasks, and advance them through the columns as they progress towards resolution.

Can we specify the column to create the task under within our API calls?

What you are looking for is there Build an app with Asana and if I am not mistaken a column is called a “section” just like in list layout…

Thank you for the response, but unfortunately that will only tell me which Section ID the Task has been automatically created in. I need to specify which Section to create the Task in.

The API docs don’t state that you can pass the Section with a POST to /tasks but maybe you can.

I will attempt to include Section value with my call and report back whether it worked.

From my experience you need yo create the task, then move it. The creation endpoint only takes a workspace as parameter.

hey @Brian_Skipworth,

you can use the membeships field to put the created task in specific section and specify there project and section.

some php code.

$task = $client->tasks->create(array(‘projects’ => $projectId, ‘memberships’ => array(array(‘project’ => $projectid, ‘section’ => $sectionId)), ‘name’ => $name, ‘html_notes’ => $notes, ‘collaborators’ => $collaborator));

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Thanks again @Diakoptis, used this and it worked great. This is a non-documented usage, very useful.

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