How Asana’s Sales Team uses Asana

Here at Asana, we use Asana to manage our work, all day every day. We’re working creatively with Asana to manage our workflows, just like you are!

That said, I wanted to share some insights into how the Sales team at Asana uses Asana and, more importantly, get to know some of your Sales team’s workflows in the comments below! :arrow_down:

How does your Sales team use Asana?

We would love to hear how you use Asana in your Sales team!

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:arrow_down: Share your tips and tricks below, ask questions and let our Community know how your team is building pipelines, closing deals and managing customer accounts while using Asana! :arrow_down:

How does Asana’s Sales Team use Asana?

At Asana, as our Sales team works with many different functions, channels, and locations, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of who should be doing what and by when.

This is where Asana comes into play. Not only do our Sales team spend their days making connections with customers :people_holding_hands: and managing accounts :chart_with_upwards_trend: (among many other tasks), they do it all in Asana! :sparkles:

Here are some of our Sales team’s favourite features that help them bring the Asana product to you. :speaking_head:

  • Portfolios are essential for any Sales leadership team. It allows companies easily track progress across hiring goals, onboarding, enablement and so much more. At the click of a button, you can also add action items to any weekly team meetings or 1:1’s you may have. It removes the need to store this information in numerous places (email, spreadsheets, Slack/MS Teams) and gives you a single source of truth.” - Ian, Commercial Account Executive

  • As an SDR Asana helps me to give more visibility to Accounts Executives on the companies that I am targeting and campaigns that are running. Custom Fields makes a huge impact for me, as I can easily categorise and prioritise the tasks that I need to perform. Another feature that helps me to save time is tasks templates; using it can help me save time on planning campaigns and I can use this time to focus on my actual work.” - Vicente, Sales Development Representative

  • “With teams working remotely more than ever, it can be hard to have a visual of who is doing what, and knowing who on the team has capacity to take on more work verses if someone is on their way to burning out. Workload is so beneficial to leaders and helps to keep the playing field even. If someone is overloaded, reassigning the workload is as easy as dragging a task to another teammate” - Sinead, Sales Development Representative

:thinking: Do you use any of the same workflows that our Sales team uses here at Asana? What features do you use the most on your Sales team? Our Community wants to know! :speech_balloon: