Hiding or Archiving of Completed Tasks

Currently my team has exceeded 1,000 tasks in our completed tasks section of a “project” we use for our tasks. We keep this tasks for our record as we attach photos and other details.

We cannot close the done column anymore and it is becoming an issue for us. It would be great to be able to archive a section and the tasks under it for record keeping purposes as well as to hide them so they only appear on search.

We aren’t looking to re-create and constantly archive the project itself as that creates it’s own issues over time.

Hi @Daniel_Mkrtchjan

This would be a nice feature for sure. Have you thought about creating a “task graveyard” project?

Essentially, you can create a rule where once a task is completed in that project, it will be added to your “task graveyard” project as well.

Then, when you want to get rid of completed tasks within your current project, you simply select all and remove from the current project and leave them in the task graveyard project.

It is tedious to setup, but it might help fix your clutter problem while you wait for an answer on this feature request.

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I wasn’t really aware of this option, I will take a look at this. Thank you

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