Hide sections/columns until the admin active it

Hey community,

is this feature right avaiable ?

I want to public only the first column / section in my project board.

After my customer approved all task from the first column, the section column will visible.

Is that possible?

Hello @Max_Zumbra

Welcome to the forum.
The feature you are after is not fully available in the sense you cannot hide sections until approvals are obtained.

There are couple of ways you can work with this:
Option 1: design your project based on custom fields rather than sections. You can manually made custom fields visible in project view and save the view for the entire team.

Option 2: You can create the sections and keep them empty. If you have access to workflows and rules, you can. create rules that once a task is approved, it gets populated / automatically moved to another section.

Check out the guide for both options:

Option 1: Using Asana list layout | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Option 2: Rules • Asana Product Guide

Hope this helps.