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I’ve read past suggestions but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. How to automatically hide completed tasks. And answers needs to be addressed to the “Asana for Dummies” level of competency. Thanks for any help

Hi @Teri_Heist,

You could create a section called “Completed Tasks.” Create a rule as follows:

Trigger: Task is marked completed
Action: Move to section “Completed Tasks”

The key to this is making sure the section “Completed Tasks” is rolled up so no tasks are shown, and then save the layout as default in the project menu.

Hope this helps!


There are two options:

1. Incomplete Tasks Only

Set the default filter within the project to “Incomplete tasks.” Then click the three dots on the left side of the view and click “Save as default layout.”

Note: While this option will hide completed subtasks in the task dropdown view, it Will not hide them in the task details sidebar.

2. Sections & Rules

The second way is what was mentioned by @Mike_Tammaro.

  1. Create a section for tasks to go when they’re completed.
  2. Collapse that section (you may have to Save as default layout here as well—I can’t recall).
  3. If you want all completed tasks to automatically move into that section upon completion, you can set up a rule to create this behavior.
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