🙈 Hide blocked tasks from your My Tasks

Hi everyone :wave:

I just had a lightbulb moment I’d like to share!

I have an update to my previous workaround here - I’ve tested the below and it seems to work like a charm!
(pinging @pforumleader and @ambforumleader on initial thoughts).

Here goes:

  1. Make sure your My tasks’ ‘Group by’ settings are set to Custom order.

  2. Find the Section that is called ‘Recently assigned’ and rename it to ‘Blocked’:


:bulb: In case you have already renamed the ‘Recently assigned’ section to something else, but not sure to what, you can find it in your My tasks by clicking on the ... next to your sections’ names and find the only section that you will not be able to delete (because this is where all tasks initially end up in, once they are assigned to you). See below example on how this section should now become your 'Blocked section.

  1. Create a new section in your My tasks called ‘Recently assigned’ or whatever you want, or had renamed your recently assigned to, such as ’ :inbox_tray: New items’ or ‘:heavy_check_mark: To-dos’.

  2. Create a custom rule as below:

:exclamation: This rule will run from now onwards, so you will initially need to manually move all tasks in your renamed ‘Blocked’ section that are actually NOT currently blocked, into your new ‘Recently assigned’ section - you will only need to do this once.

So to sum up, once tasks are assigned to you, they will ALL land in the ‘Blocked’ section of your My tasks. Then the rule will decide if and when it should move that task to your ‘Recently assigned’ section - either immediately (if the task is not blocked with a dependency), or later (once the task is unblocked). You can then freely move your tasks into other sections as you usually do, or have more rules do that for you.

Me likey :+1:

A note on rule action limitations: for those on the Advanced tier, just take note that this will clock up your monthly rule actions and may reach your 25k limit sooner. For those on Starter tier, this will likely consume your rule actions in no time! :grimacing:)

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PS: a note on tasks that are blocked AFTER they are assigned to you: take note of @Bastien_Siebman ‘s valid point below. For any tasks that are made dependant / blocked AFTER they land in your ‘Recently’ assigned’ section, you will need to manually move them to your ‘Blocked’ section.


I love it!

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Interesting… So it is useful only if you are assigned on a new task already blocked correct? otherwise if it is blocked later, it won’t move?


ah, you got me! In that case, you would have to manually move that task to your blocked section. So I guess it’s the reverse of my original workaround, here. :person_shrugging:


@Richard_Sather , I liked the Idea a lot and almost updated My Tasks, but the @Bastien_Siebman’s point is valid. Most of the times tasks get blocked after assigned. The rule action limitations would be the other reason for me not to do this.

@Phil_Seeman Any change Flowsana have a trigger for blocked? I looked but could not find one.

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@Richard_Sather, @Bastien_Siebman’s point is important so I marked it as a solution for now, but perhaps better to include as a caveat in your OP?



Good point, @lpb !
Done :slight_smile:

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No, Flowsana doesn’t have support for “blocked” at this time.