Hide archived projects in Home widget

In the new Dashboard Project widget Archived projects are showing, it would be great for these not to show.


Hi @nicole.phillips, thanks for providing this feedback! The widgets on the Home page are a new feature and our Product team are working to improve these for the future. Hopefully they will implement an option to hide archived projects!

I’ll let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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Hi @Rebecca_McGrath Please could you advise when is this going to be implemented? For me this is a fundamental problem with using Asana - the home page is the main way that me and my team move between projects (the side bar navigation is too narrow and is not the main thing you see when you open Asana).

I have archived a load of projects just now - yet they are still there in home view (widgets) which clutters everything up (we work on a lot of projects).

Please could you implement a solution asap - it doesn’t make sense that you would still have shortcuts to archived projects on the home page. I have seen other threads mentioning the same issue.


Any word on this feature yet? How are others handling this issue now? Archived project are cluttering up our world! :slight_smile:

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Same. This is a frustrating part of Asana.

Agreed, I am trying to commit to a PM app, this is making it difficult. Why do I need to see archived projects next to active projects on my home screen. It helps to see what is currently in the pipeline.

Any update? Agreed, this is a nuisance.

I agree, this is a huge issue when dealing with large numbers - when will this be resolved?

Is there any update on this topic? I find very annoying not to be able to hide the archived projects!

Hi Rebecca, is there any development for removing archived projects from the Projects Widget?

The way I “handle” it (which is an extremely annoying way to “handle” it :joy:) is to just click on newer projects to force the older projects to drop down below the new ones. If we’ve got enough, the archived projects will disappear below the fold. This is tedious and only works on desktop, though - on the mobile app, everything is all flung together in a jumbled mess. This is something people have been asking about since 2017, I wish that the Asana team would prioritize taking care of this! Completed projects have no need to remain front and center in our dashboard!