Help! "Unhide Column" Is GONE from the "Customize" list view

I cannot “unhide” the “Assignee” “Due Date” and “Tag” Columns. They’ve “Disappeared.”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click Customize.

Browser version:

Chrome latest.

Upload screenshots below:

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 10.49.41 AM

Found the solution : there’s a new “Hide” option in the submenu. Click on that and you can unhide the default fields. Man that was frustrating that this changed. But the change makes sense.


Glad you found a solution @Daniel_Street. I don’t know where that ‘Hide’ option is that you’re talking about. But it looks like Asana has removed the option to hide/unhide columns in the Customize section and instead have added the ability to update column visibility from the ‘Show Fields’ button at the top of the project with the new interface.

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I have seen both “Hide” and “Show fields”, not sure if I have seen an old version or if there are two use cases.

You can find the options here


As @Bastien_Siebman says, it may look like @Jordan_Simpson illustrated, or it may look like this:

I have one version in one of my workspaces, the other version in another one - leading me to conclude that it’s an A/B test going on as to which version they’re going to go with.

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay! Glad to hear that you’ve been able to find the solution, @Daniel_Street .

@Phil_Seeman you are correct, our team is currently testing this new layout, but we don’t have an ETA for conclusion to share yet. We’ll be sure to post in the Forum if the new layout is implemented :slight_smile:

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I’m surprised at this A/B test.

I understand testing different labels, but I don’t understand one of the tests being “Hide” when instead it could be “Hide/Show” which is still short and would kind of negate the need to test “Show fields.”

The purpose of the test seems to be to determine whether users think in terms of the positive (showing" or negative (hiding), but “Hide/Show” would cover both groups more effectively than either of those two options.

There may be value in “Show fields” because of the inclusion of the noun to indicate what’s being hidden/shown. But if so, why test “Hide”?

(FWIW, I was an interaction designer in a previous career.)


I wasn’t going to say anything @lpb, but since you did, I’ll chime in - I think “Hide” is a horrible label for this function. First because of what you said, and second because it doesn’t give any clue as to WHAT you’re able to hide (OK you did mention that also). For that reason, I think even “Show/Hide” would be awful. “Show or hide WHAT?!?!?”

I really, really hope “Show fields” wins out.

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To my point:

I agree, @Phil_Seeman!

When I posted before, I had forgotten there is already an icon in the label:


I’d say if the desire to have a one-word label, “Fields” is better because the icon shows “toggling” but not what is toggled as you mentioned. The icon with “Hide” is most perplexing!

“Hide/Show Fields” covers the bases, certainly, but I bet they feel it’s too long.


@lpb , totally agree that [icon] + Fields would be clear enough. And if the icon is to stay, it’s design should ideally try to mimic/convey the pill shaped toggles found in the show/hide fields menu.



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