Customize Changes

Does anyone else find the new workflow for setting up project’s columns challenging? We used to be able to hide/show columns in list view in the Customize section. Now that has been moved to a “Hide” section in the main board area. I’m not sure what sparked the idea, but seems like we’ve separated the workflows of show/hide and ordering of items (which actually now has no effect in Customize). I’m wondering if there’s a long-term plan to get rid of Customize or what we can expect as the new workflow has been challenging.

I believe they just split the visual component from the set up component. The reason is that the list of fields is for the project as a whole, when the “Hide/Show” only applies to the view currently opened.

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Thanks for the feedback. I see now that you can Show/Hide different things in List vs Board views. Interesting. I see you can also reorder them now. Thanks for pointing this out! Asana should probably remove the capability of re-ordering items in Customize then as it has no action now.

The only use case I’d say is the ability to see an important field at the top because you often edit it :person_shrugging: