Help, someone reset my account password! Who did this?

HELP! Someone has changed my password without my permission? Who did this, how can if find out. Please let me know!

Uw Asana-wachtwoord is opnieuw ingesteld
Een beheerder in uw organisatie heeft uw Asana-wachtwoord gereset. De volgende keer dat u inlogt, moet u een nieuw wachtwoord aanmaken. Registreer nu bij Asana.

Hi @Webatleten , welcome to the forum :wave:

As the Google translate says:
“Your Asana password has been reset
An administrator in your organization has reset your Asana password. You will need to create a new password the next time you log in. Register with Asana now.”

I would suggest you get in touch with your Asana Admin(s) who likely triggered this.

But if you use the link you should be able to reset your password and regain access to your Asana account.

Yes, thanks for your reply. I already regained access and activated 2fa.

What i want to know: did that admin had access to my Asana enviorment? Alle my projects and organisations? I had 2 organisations.

That is difficult to answer but basically Admins will likely have access to all public teams and public projects.

But no one, even admins, can access your private My Tasks (tasks that only belong in My Tasks, not in a project) as well as private projects or teams that they are not members of.

Admins on the Enterprise plan (which your org is likely on) can request a password reset through the Admin console, without needing to log into your account or have your password.

You can read more on Admin roles in the Asana guide: Admin and super admin roles in Asana • Asana Product Guide.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply.

  1. A admin of another organisation cannot access my other organisation? Even after the password reset e-mail? I had 2 organisations and one is my own, the other not.

2, Is it possible for a admin to gain access to my account? By resetting the password.

The answer is no, to both your questions.
Your two orgs are separate spaces.
Admins cannot see your password, only request to reset it.

Thanks! Thats a relieve, great!

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