Help needed to set up a Roadmap in Asana


I’m creating a roadmap that will consist of four larger projects over the course of 2024, similar to this example. It would be really powerful if I set it up in a way that includes how much time I’m estimating each project to take. And, it would be even MORE powerful if I could then track the time against that estimate to see if it’s taking more time than we thought as we move throughout the year.

Example of a roadmap

Would anyone be able to help me figure out how to build something like that in Asana?

Hi Tom,
Here is an example of how you can achieve this:

  • Your initiatives can be sections in the Asana project
  • the items on the roadmap can be the tasks in the project. If you define start date and due date you can see them in the timeline view of the project. you can define dependencies as needed. Note: Asana timeline offers years view in the timeline but actually you will be able to see just about 12 months in the view… to see the rest, you will have to scroll left or right.
  • for each task you can add custom fields for estimated time and actual time (the default Asana fields are in hours… so tracking duration for a year activity would be challenge… therefore you might need to define your own way of calculating this… maybe a formula field actual time = completion date - start date)
  • to track the work done for each big task from this project you can create a separate project for each initiative and multi-home the tasks from this high-level overview project also in the initiative project.
    Hope this is helpful
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Thank you, Cristina! That is indeed helpful! Perhaps the only thing I may need a little help understanding is the fourth bullet point. Are there any help videos you are aware of that would help me learn more? If not, that’s totally ok. You’ve been more than helpful and I truly appreciate it!

Hi Tom,

Hapy I could help.

I do not know about videos… if any… probably there are… :upside_down_face:
I will try to give you an example for the first blue initiative from your image:

  • Create new project: “High-level Overview”
  • to this project add section “Drive talent attraction”
  • Create new project: “Drive talent attraction”
  • inside this project create task: “Global onboarding revamp” (you can also set it as a milestone)
  • open task details and click on add projects (or tab+p)
    and add the task to the project “High-level Overview” section “Drive talent attraction”
  • do the same for the rest of the task related to this “Drive talent attraction” project.
  • add in the project “Drive talent attraction” all the necessary tasks to achieve task “Global onboarding revamp” and mark them as dependencies using the Dependency field available in the task details

in this case in the Timeline view of the project “High-level Overview” you will see the planning on the high level tasks and in the Timeline view of the project “Drive talent attraction” you will see the planning for the work to be done to achieve the high level tasks for each initiative

Let me know if you need further details