Have an option to attach file uploads (attachment) in email notifications

Hi All,

We’re using Asana webforms as intake source for certain projects. There is an upload field to attach project critical files to the task/project, but even though we’ve checked (add field values into description) the attached files are just a plain text file name.

Ideally we would like to have these attachments embeded into the notification email all the project collaborators are subscribed to.

I read something about Flowsana but even with this app I was not able to figure it out. I guess a lot of users ran into the same issue and would be worth to investigate the options.




Can you rely on the Asana Inbox instead of email notifications?

Hi Bastien,

in Theory yes, but then it requires another step to look at the information / submissions. Sounds silly but the teams currently struggling with logging into several different systems which might just take a couple of minutes but in the end of the working day it’s an significant amount of time.

I understand. I am guessing they already go to Asana and work from there anyway, so relying on the Asana inbox rather than emails will actually help them save time and gain clarity because the inbox is more powerful, more reliable, easier to read…