Have a Forms section live within Asana's left navigation

Is there the potential to have a Forms section live within Asana’s left navigation for both submission & editing?
As a admin & user of the Forms, I need to submit & update/edit Forms across multiple boards. I’d like to have one landing page where (1) I can navigate to the forms I need to edit and, (2) see all the forms I can use/submit to within my Teams and my own boards.

Also, eventually have one Form connect across multiple projects.


I’m not sure Asana will add this kind of functionality anytime soon for a few reasons.

But you can work around this.

Create a “My forms” task. In the Task Description, add links to each form you are interested in, both for viewing/submitting the form (the form link), and for editing the form (you’ll have to just use the like to the project where the form resides, then click Customize).

But you can certainly make a useful resource like this in the meantime.

Re “have one Form connect across multiple projects”: Rules (available with Business and Enterprise plans) allow you to multi-home form submission tasks across different projects.


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