Hack Task Templates (Not Using Dependencies)

Hello -

I need to be able to create Task Templates - however, we do not use ANY dependencies in our projects; therefore, the traditional task template will not work.

I am thinking I might be able to hack this using rules - if a specific Task is created (maybe via the task name) a rule would detect it and create additional tasks (what would normally be sub-tasks).

Is there any other way to do this?

I really wish we could have multi-tasks templates!

Hi @Lindsay16

Sure you can:

  • Create a single select field task template type and use the task template names
  • Create a task template and set the task template type
  • Then create a rule like so:

This should do the trick.

I would have expected this to work with “When a task is added to this template”, but that doesn’t seem to trigger the rule. FYI @Vanessa_N