Grouping or Coloring of Tasks in "My Tasks" on Home Page

On my home page in the “My Tasks” section, it needs cleaning up, even though it only shows the first 6 or so tasks before having to scroll for more.
Every one of my job’s Asana tasks are set to an overall project but this isn’t reflected on the Home Page in MY Tasks. With most of my dev tasks, I only have one task for each project. However, my creative work is another story, I have about 5-10 tasks for every project and although each task has a has a different date, it still pushes my dev tasks to the very, very end of the scroll.

I would really benefit from any of the following solutions that help group or display tasks under the same project:

1.) Have the task with the soonest due date show up in the list like it already does, however, every other task, thats also set under that same project, should be collapsed under the task with the soonest due date. I’d prefer collapsed by default but even if it doesn’t collapse, it helps a lot just having them grouped and indented under the featured task of that project.

2.) Only for my view, allow me to set a project to display every task of the same project with the same color. So I can color code the project so that the background row for every task set to that project is colored the same. It’s important though that the colors I set here are personal only so they don’t show for others and they don’t change the project’s colors or categories.

3.) The last solution is to allow me to pull a project with all it’s tasks out into it’s own My Tasks list. So for myself for example, I could have dev tasks on one list and creative tasks on another. So by default everything will show up in the first task list table like it does now but after creating a second table, I could set projects to that table or drag one task to it which also moves every other task under the same project.

I rarely advise anyone to use the My Tasks widget on the homepage. Why don’t you use the actual My Tasks view?

If I use that instead, it’s mostly the same feedback with some slight alterations but for the most part I liked how the widget also had completed tasks and overdue tasks that were in completely separate active tab lists. If I try to achieve this with the filter in my tasks section to see something for a minute, I’m going to miss a lot when I forget it’s being filtered and forget to change it back after a few days.
The ‘group by project’ function might help my concerns somewhat, when I’m actively using that grouping, but I don’t like this view, especially how it eats up so much real estate which is made even worse because grouping by project also doubles every task I have, since everything is assigned to multiple projects. For example, one project it’s assigned to is the overarching project it belongs to and the other project it’s assigned to is a job tracker so theres a job folder that lists all of the dev jobs or creative jobs which are displayed in sections like “ready to work”, “in progress”, “on hold”, “incoming”, etc.

Understood. I disagree and believe My Tasks is really really powerful when used correctly. You can group by dates to see anything overdue quickly. And you can have a favourite saved search to access completed tasks.