Greetings from mainland China


My previous company kept using Asana as the cross-functional tool to cooperation, yet I never use it after I left the company.

I got EDM today from asana official team, noticing that they launched a asana community for the communication from all over the world. Very cool!

Sincerely wish users from the world communicate here, also hope asana can get a great market-share in China.


Welcome! We’re excited to have you here and to learn about your experiences with productivity software and Asana in particular.


Hi All,

I would love to find a user guide/help in Chinese to get my members started, so far it’s a one-side direction.


Would love it if there’s simple translation for buttons etc.

We use Asana heavily as well.


Is there an estimate launch date for the Chinese version of asana? We use it to work with outside customers and some of theme are located in China so it would be extremely helpful.

Thanks a lot.


Hi @Victor_Pacheco - We’re unable to speak to a possible timeline, but we appreciate your interest!