Google Tasks integration please :0)

This is a thread from 2019 - Syncing task list with Google - English Forum / Integrations - Asana Forum

I wanted to blow the dust off this thread by rekindling it but when I saw the aged date, I figured it’d be best received w/ a fresh 2024 date.

I stand for everything stated in this thread. In simple terms, when will asana ship a google tasks integration?

To Team Asana - I work in software and understand you deflecting to zapier in the past for this expressed customer need - but as you will see in this blast from the past thread, zapier isn’t a solution for this need.

We simply want to know: Has this customer need already been built and will it ship soon? If not, is it in motion? If not, where does it rest on your backlog of priorities?

Essentially - it’d be helpful to know if we’ll ever see it or not. That’s a fair ask <3

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