Google Drive & Versioning

When you select a file from google drive and subsequently load a new version in the version manager of the file does Asana update to the latest version or only the file you loaded from Google Drive at the point you loaded. If it does not do versioning are your really then dependent on the URL address to keep dynamic versioning.

OK, I answered my own question by testing.

  1. If you create for instance a Word document and load it then;

  2. Make an amendment to it and add as latest version, the file you originally stored will reflect the latest version.

  3. On the other hand if you store a Google Doc, you can make revisions right on the Google drive doc without downloading and they also will show up.

  4. No need to use URL’s.

  5. I am new to Google Drive, used Dropbox before so excuse my novice questions. Makes for a nice document manager concept.

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We do #3 as much as possible – attach a Google Doc and then collaborate in the Doc. When someone sets up a new piece of work in Asana, they can start a new Google Doc and attach it immediately, even before there’s any content. For the duration of the project/task, everyone clicks the attachment and edits the Doc. It’s very smooth. We keep a Doc in the top level of our Google Drive with naming conventions for our folders and files.

The feature similar to Track Changes in Word is called Suggestions in Google. Here’s more info: