Google Assistant integration?

The magic solution is IFTTT + Zapier.

Use IFTTT to capture the input, then send it to Zapier uisng Webhooks.

Caveat: This method requires a Zapier Premium account, currently $20/month


  • If Google Assistant, Say a phrase with a text ingredient
  • Then Webhooks, Make a web request

In Make a web request, use the following:

  • URL = get from Zapier
  • Method = Post
  • Content Type = application/json
  • Body = {"text": "{{TextField}}"}

In Zapier

  • Input ‘app’: Webhooks by Zapier
  • When this happens: Catch Hook
  • Output ‘app’: Asana
  • Action: Create Task in Asana
  1. In Catch Hook, look under “Customize Request” and find your Custom Webhook URL. Copy this into the URL field in your IFTTT recipe.
  2. Save and enable your recipe in IFTTT. Test your IFTTT trigger. (Say “Hey Google, blah blah blah”).
  3. In Zapier, Refresh Fields
  4. You should get “We found a request” and should see your text variable from IFTTT.
  5. In Create Task in Asana, use the incredible power of Zapier to customize your task!

Advanced Trick: Pass other variables from IFTTT

You can pass more than just the text variable from IFTTT to Zapier. If I want to assign a task to a certain project, for example, I could send this:

  • Body = {"text": "{{TextField}}", "projectID": "0123456789"}

Then, in Zapier, I can get the projectID variable, just like I get the text variable, and use it in the Create Task in Asana step.

This way, I only need one Zap, but I can create a dozen different IFTTT recipes, one for each Project:

  • When I say "project Alpha ", add to the Alpha Project
  • When I say "project Beta ", add to the Beta Project
  • When I say "project Gamma ", add to the Gamma Project

Of course, you can use the same technique to designate assignees, tags, followers, or even sections in Asana.

Advanced Trick: Use Zapier to Parse your Text

You can create steps in between the Catch Hook and Create Task in Asana steps, in Zapier. These steps can parse your text into smaller pieces, search Asana for matching projects/tasks, and then use these smaller fragments to create the final task.

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Very cool solution, @Chase_DeLuca!