Goals hierarchy and strategic planning

For our strategic framework we have matryoshka structure to our goals.

  1. Organizational goals
  2. Division goals
  3. Department goals
  4. Team goals
  5. Individual goals

Except for the Team and Individual goals which usually are over a year-long period, the rest are large endeavors over a 3-5 year period. In higher ed (my field), I’d say this is a pretty normal structure.

  1. It would be helpful to add as many “dolls” into the hierarchy as needed and move up or down appropriately.
  2. It would be helpful to have a custom date period for these goals since the only one that applies to my field right now (higher ed) is the Fiscal Year.

Right now my department is the only one using goals, but as more and more teams are coming onto Asana, I could see a future where this would be a beneficial structure.

Thanks! :slight_smile: