Can I use goals to go down to individual goals level?

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to use the Goals tool to build out the pyramid of clarity from highest level org goals to annual team and individuals goals… and how to visualize this and make it work… Or whether it is better to stop at 3 rd sublevel and not go to individual goals.

The latter was suggested to me, but then is there a way to set up individual goals? Would it be as milestones in portfolios that each individual owns (that feels like too much though…).

I’d love advice from anyone who has used Asana to structure full orgs’ work.

Thank you!

Welcome, @Rebecca_Neuwirth,

Asana did not envision Goals going down to the individual level, as you probably surmised.

How you carry this out is dependent on your company’s process. Asana has a Playbook for OKRs document (PDF) that you can request that may be helpful as a good resource generally, but otherwise I think it’s really up to the org.

I’ve worked with orgs on this, but I don’t think I could offer more generic advice than the above; the rest would take work sessions to design an approach.



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