Goal sections can not be deleted?

We recently got the goals add on in our company. We made a test and created one goal. Now it looks like it created a section that I can not delete. There is no goal in that section anymore. As an example I took a screenshot from the Asana Tutorial video. I would like to delete the “No Team” and “Marketing” sections but we do not see how to do this or to create another section for that matter. All we can do is create more goals.
Any ideas?

Asana Picture

Hello @Anna_Baer,

The “No Team” section shows goals not linked to a team.

You can also drag it further down if you want.

Now if you do not want to see goals that are not allocated to a team just edit the filter on the top to Show and Hide Teams based on your preference

Every Goal you create can be allocated to a team


Check the show/hide as per the above note and then also open your goals to see if they are allocated to a team.

Now in order to create more teams you can read about it here.

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Thank you @Andrea_Mayer.

Is there actually an opportunity to run a report on the goals?

Hi @Anna_Baer - I know you asked Andrea but yes in the reporting tab on a dashboard you can report on goals.

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