inability to delete all old team goals (belonging to former colleagues)

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We have a new leadership. We want to delete all old goals. As Super Admins, we were able to delete all Company level goals, and any goals that we were assigned ownership of. Old colleagues who have left, are owners of the Team goals and we are unable to delete them.

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Browser version: Chrome

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Premium

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Welcome, @Leeann_Trang,

I’ve moved your post out of Report a Bug because the feature is working as coded/intended, though I recognize that doesn’t help you!

The details of goals permissions/access are found here:

If you search in Product Feedback you can find other posts which you can vote on to grant greater access to Super Admins, or add another post there if you don’t find one.



You need to contact support to gain access to items you are currently locked out of.

I am having a similar problem with my org.

Former team member has team goals, and we are trying to close out that team’s goals for the year, but we cannot delete his because he no longer works at the company and his account has been deactivated.

This is very frustrating, as we want our team’s goals to be fresh for the new year. Active team members are able to modify their goals, but no one (including admins) can close the old goals.

What are we supposed to do here?

Reach out to support. No other solution I am afraid.

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