Delete someone else's goal

Hi! Is it possible to do some setup in Asana to let Admins delete other people’s goals? In the long run that would probably not be a good thing, but right now we’re doing some experimentation and that would be really helpful.

// Peter

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Welcome, @Peter_Bladh,

Admins are able to delete others’ goals; no special setup required.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Larry. Where do I do that then? Where I usually see the delete option I only see “Copy goal link”

Yes, that’s where I see it:


Are you a Super Admin or Admin of your Asana org? In my case I’m Super Admin. The documentation is not clear. Maybe Super Admin is required, not just Admin? Perhaps you’d need to check with



Aha, OK. We don’t have any superadmins setup. I’ll get on that!



I am a super-admin and I’m not able to delete a goal that a person created that is no longer in the company and therefor got deleted. It says that I’m only able to comment.

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I’m also a super-admin, but I can not delete the goal which is assigned to someone.


I, too, am a super admin but cannot delete a goal that a deactivated account created.

Any ideas?

Hi. Did you ever figure out how to delete the goal?

No, a super-admin can not delete or modify any goal has already assigned to someone.
You have to report as a bug which didn’t make any sense.
ASANA should think about what does SUPERADMIN and ADMIN means…