Global Rules would rule! Create a library for Rules

Would also be awesome if we could establish global rules that just have to be activated.

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Hi @Amy_Jo_Yates and welcome to the forum!

There’s actually a separate Product Feedback topic for global rules; you can add your vote for it (and the moderators will probably merge your post into that topic) at:



Rules as a whole needs to be redone.

Can’t export Rules
Can’t set global Rules
Can’t allow other to edit rules (should be set as Custom Fields)
Cant’ use Rules against subs

Rules Rule but needs A LOT of upgrades.

I’ve already up-voted this feature, but I’d like to add emphatically that this would be a life-changing enhancement. I’m in the middle of adding rules to all projects and all templates. Days, days, days of my life devoted to rules. I can’t even copy-paste! Please “choose from library” like custom statuses and fields would be a-ma-zingggg!

This way, you don’t have to create new rules for every project. Am I right?

I see this as a useful workaround to my issue- I’d like to assign a rule to all my projects in a team- or multiple projects at once. ie: If someone assigns something to a MarketingOps person it adds that to a Marketing Ops projects (for triage/team tracking) But a Rule Library would be useful too- could enforce people always assign this rule to their project.

Absolutely agree a Rules Library is needed.
There is a Custom Fields library, why not for Rules?

I’m working on systematising phases of a construction project and the same Rules of action apply to each phase.

Just upvoted after also seeing the need in this more and more

Agreed. I just created a set of Rules and added them to my Template, but now need to replicate those rules across 40 existing Projects. I’d love a Rules library that works like the one for Custom Fields.

Hi @David_Limiero,

FYI my Flowsana integration has a “duplicate rules” feature that lets you duplicate all Flowsana rules from one project to another. :slight_smile:

@Phil_Seeman - you just made my day! :star_struck:

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**“Rule Template Dashboard” - Creating and maintaining Rules across multiple projects simultaneously. **

I’m a project manager at my company, where we switched to asana about 8 months ago. As we learn more about various ways to use this wonderful tool, and the environment changes, our methods adapt, and so do our rules and how we use them. This is what is wonderful about asana - its agile capability. However, there are major weaknesses to the maintenance of the automation capability that makes this tool less agile than you might think.

We’re managing dozens of projects at a time. So with each company-wide rule revision we make, we have to do the same repetitive task across every single project to bring them all up to date. This has made me, the project manager (and also the asana guru at my workplace) bogged down by monotonous rule-maintenance tasks that take away a significant amount of time from my actual job: managing projects. In a way, I’m now the asana system administrator, and have strapped on a second job: managing asana’s “rules”.

Creating a system to automate the MANAGEMENT of these rules would be incredibly powerful, and remove much of the headache associated with keeping the powerfully customized “system” we’ve created running. Now, what I’m requesting is a big undertaking, as it would be a large project, but the implementation of such a request would put asana miles ahead of its competitors.

Here’s my single request:
1. Creating a “Rule Template Dashboard” that would allow rules to be created, modified, and applied to select projects all at once. Once these rules were set up in the rule template , and the projects selected, you could submit it with a single button, and initiate the change across the board. Once.

Now, I realize that this would take time for the automated rule changes to take place. That’s where you could set up a que for the projects up in a particular order and asana would run through each project in sequence based on this order.
When would this take place? During designated non-business hours or “maintenance hours” chosen by the user. This would avoid any conflict with users activating rules that are still in flux.

Let me know what you think, and if you would change anything, and PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS! It would make so many people’s time and increase the efficiency of agile project management exponentially.

Hi @Trevor_Jones and welcome to the forum!

I personally think this is a great idea and would love to see it.

A couple of things to note in terms of this forum… First, the forum section where you posted, Tips and Tricks, doesn’t allow for voting. To do that, you want to post in the Product Feedback forum section.

However, in this case, there’s already a Product Feedback topic that basically matches your request, so the moderators will likely merge the two (cc: @Marie @Emily_Roman) and you will probably want to upvote that topic:

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Thanks for the input!

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Just to clarify my post here as it seems there was some confusion: as I mentioned, this Flowsana duplication capability applies to duplicating rules created in Flowsana, not to any Asana-created rules.

I would love to be able to provide an ability to duplicate Asana rules but it’s not currently technically possible because Asana does not expose those in its programming interface for external applications.

One of my main problems is doing sweeping changes to multiple projects at once, with identical rule set-ups. These projects each have the max of 20 rules. I’m assuming flowsana will not duplicate rules to projects which are already full? In which case, I’ll have to go in and delete the rules of the recipient projects in order for it to work?

Hi Trevor,

As mentioned above, the duplication feature in Flowsana pertains to Flowsana rules, not Asana rules. Flowsana rules are independent and unrelated to the 20-rule limit in Asana; also, Flowsana does not have the limit of 20 rules per project that Asana does.

As tasks can be added to multiple projects and you can add custom fields to carry that task progress into those multiple project, it would be GREAT to be able to copy a Rule and add to other projects.

Use Case
If I have a task in multiple projects and use a custom field for Not Started, In Progress, Completed, I have to create rules in EACH project to change that custom field as a task moves through a kanban.

Yup! This would be a really great feature!

Thanks for your feedback @Getz_Pro! We already have a thread requesting this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main request to consolidate feedback!

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