Giving “My Tasks” super powers (gateway to multi-homing)

Hello all :wave:

I’ve received lots of positive feedback about this experiment I did on myself with the “My Tasks”.

To start out what you do is you go to your rules in “My Tasks” and you tell it under triggers when a task is added to My Tasks —>
You send it to another project…

Yep goodbye :wave: My Tasks!
What I then built is my own private project that is completely automated and has fields for context and action for the things I need to get done. It’s all inspired by the GTD approach on productivity by David Allen.

I’m hoping to turn this into an Asana Event one day and show you all in great detail but until then… :crossed_fingers:

Basically you make yourself a few sections:

To Do
Open Loops

I personally have a few others in here for my own process, but to give an example of how it all works

The rule you made to send everything to this new project is received by the rule you’ll make in this new project: when a new task is added —>> send it to Review.

Then you simply review your new task and assess the context of it basics:
Meeting (collaboration or an actual meeting)
Follow up
I can do this

Are some examples, then take action, again this is another field:

This will reflect your section names if you want to simplify it and that determines the action you are taking on this task.

A free tip: anything you decide to send to the To Do section is a type of task you can complete reasonably quickly David Allen says 2 min but who’s counting?

Anyway I’ll leave you all with that there’s a few things I’ve built into to this that automate it so that I never miss a beat. (I.e. fields that trigger rules and other goodies.)

If you find this useful do let me know! I love hearing creative new ways people have leveraged this for themselves!

I’ve even got my higher ups using this now to better manager their workloads! :fire:

Tata for now maybe in an asana event :wink:



Thanks for sharing!
You can’t do this in My Tasks because there is no custom fields? Otherwise seems like it could be 100% done in My Tasks :slight_smile:


@Raul_Recalde Thanks for sharing this. Would also want to know what features in MyTasks is missing to do this?

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@Bastien_Siebman hey! The fields would be great I think the biggest benefit is the expansive Rule set you have at your disposal with a project as well as in the project you can track stuff better that is no longer assigned to you.

It’s funny… After reading Getting Things Done a few months ago, I independently developed almost exactly the same process you did.

I created a rule in My Tasks to automatically move all incoming tasks to a project, and then have sections similar to yours: Evaluate, My Day, Actionable, Must Wait Until Later, Waiting For Others, Read/Review, Recurring Tasks, and Completed.

I also utilize multiple projects for other major stuff, like something similar to Someday/Maybe.

It’s been working quite well to process tasks quickly.


Love this!!! :fire:

For a “Rule Newbie”, what sorts of rules to set up that move tasks to projects? Is it based on the Task name somehow (includes a certain client / project name, so therefore move it to a certain task?).

Oh, that one’s easy!

To set up the rule, I did this:

  1. Click on My Tasks
  2. Click Customize
  3. Click + Add Rule
  4. Trigger: + To My Tasks
  5. Action: → To a project [name of the project and section you want it to carry over to]

In my case, I have it dump my tasks into Avi’s Projects, ‘Evaluate’ section.

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I’m assuming you need the Business plan to move tasks to a project, because I don’t see that rule available in my environment (Premium plan).

Hello @Shawn_Kerendian limited rules are available on premium plans. For customized rule builder and all other rule features you‘d need at least a business plan.
Here is an existing feedback request thread that might be interesting to you.

Or our Flowsana integration, which lets you build custom rules (like moving a task to another project) on any Asana plan level. :wink:

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Flowsana is my MyTasks superpower!

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