Give Admin right to user while adding him to the Team

I create a team through API, this works well.
After this, I add several people to the team.

But, I can not declare, which access_level they should get.
In our situation, we have an user “Asana Bot”, that just makes some “admin work” for us.
He now receives the Admin right. But I want to handover the right to another user, without the need of login as the user through the interface, and handle this manually. And I don’t want to enter other credentials to the API. Is that possible?

I didn’t found anything in the docs. Only possibilitys to GET infos, but not anything I can POST …

Thanks, Johann


No, it is not possible right now, but we plan to introduce that ability over the next 6 to 9 months. More info here on plans for memberships here: Upcoming changes to project memberships

You can set a default_access_level for a project and new members will have that level. But an individual’s level cannot be set over the API yet.

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On the project level I don‘t need it, as I use a project template, and with this the user get the permission from the template. That is working fine.

So the only solution for now would be to make the api auth with the user that should get the team admin rights? 6-9 months is a long time …