Get Teams and Project in Organisation vis REST API

I’m developer and trying to understand about API calls available for organization.
How can we get teams and project, project templates in an organization?
There is way to get such information by using workspace ID but now for organization?
I was nor able to find any API reference in documentation as well.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome, @Rushang_Shah,

An organization is just a special type of workspace, so workspace_gid is for either a workspace or an org:

I think that should be all you need!



Even I was thinking the same. But if you use organization_id instead of workspace_gid you will get error stating “It is not a valid worksapce_gid.

Rushang Shah

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Calling @Phil_Seeman to bail us out! Thanks!!

Hi @Rushang_Shah,

So that we can be clear on what you’re doing, please post the exact API call you’re making and the exact response text you’re getting back. Thanks!

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