Asana api get organizations list

I am calling this end point to get the organizations

It sends all workspaces and not checking is_organization property?
Below is the response.
stdClass Object
[data] => Array
[0] => stdClass Object
[gid] => 34922343979197
[is_organization] => 1

            [1] => stdClass Object
                    [gid] => 1195030559592972
                    [is_organization] => 


    [next_page] => 

Can anyone help me with this?

And another issue is when I get all the teams of an organization I am getting ‘developer’ team.Where is that team and I cannot access that team from dashboard? how can I ommit that team from teams list?

Quick workaround: just ignore that Asana is sending everything over and filter on your side. I am trying to find you an answer based on my own code…

Actually I believe what you are trying to achieve is not possible!

Look at the task documentation, with “filters” available as an example.

And the workspace endpoint without any

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