Any changes in the "teams" endpoints recently?

Hi everyone,

In our app, we were using the /organizagions/xyz/teams endpoint, to get teams of workspace that is an organization.

Recently, that call started to crash, we had to remove a /?workspace=xyz parameter that we added. That solved the problem.

By reading the documentation, I see that there’s a also a “get teams in a workspace”, so I tried it.

But, that query always returns an error, asking for the workspace parameter, that also crash if I provide it.

I don’t really want to use it, as organizations teams doesn’t really exists in the UI, and actually, they have the workspace name, and their projects list is the same than the list of projects in the workspace. But, the endpoint exists and it crash.

It is supposed to work for another purpose?

I did not experience any crash, or they haven’t been reported :confused:

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