API Error "workspace: Not a valid regular workspace. You provided an organization" when running projects?is_template=true


Trying to get a list of all the projects in my workspace that are templates. Based on documentation here API Template Duplication I should be able to get all the projects via /workspaces/{workspace_gid}/projects?is_template=true. I can successfully run /workspaces/{workspace_gid}/projects, but when I add the ?is_template=true I get the error workspace: Not a valid regular workspace. You provided an organization.

My workspace is an organization ("is_organization":true). Can an organization not run this code? It works fine if I pass in a team, but I’d prefer to pass a workspace gid since templates could be sitting in different teams.

I think this one will require @Joe_Trollo or @Sasha_S.

Sorry, but the API does not support fetching templates across all teams in an organization. If there are teams, templates can only be fetched on a team-by-team basis. You will need to use GET /teams/{team_gid}/project?is_template=true

Thanks @Joe_Trollo and @phil_seeman. Are there plans to allow organization wide search for templates?

We do not have any plans for that, sorry.