Get rid of tasks created by ex-staff member


Hi there - our previous Exec Admin created a bunch of tasks for people and set them to Comment Only for everyone. Now she is gone and we need to get rid of/mark complete these tasks. We don’t have her log in, although I am an Asana administrator. How do we get rid of these tasks?


Hi Carol,

If you have the Premium Version, you can use the advanced search filter:



Hi @Carol_Ann! The option offered by @Millor_Machado is the bast way to gather all tasks created by your previous Admin. That said you might not be able to delete these tasks if they were set with “Comment Only” permissions for everybody; nothing to worry about though, our support team should be able to help you gain access to these tasks to let you delete them. You can reach out to our support team following these steps: > “I’m having trouble with” > Scroll down to the bottom of teh page and select “Let’s chat”.

Hope this helps; have a great Monday! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how this helps - I can find the tasks just fine, I can’t delete them. What you had above helps me find them, but how does that help delete them?

Thanks for your help!



Hi @Carol_Ann,

After finding the tasks, you can select them and click at the … in the right corner, selecting “Delete tasks”:

Hope it works!


That is the problem, it won’t let me delete them, it says I don’t have permission. The only person who has permission no longer works at our company.



Ah, understood now. In this case, you should contact Asana support team: