Gateway Timeout when fetching tags

Hello Asana Team,

Our app is getting several times a day gateway timeout errors.
I think they occurs when a query took more than 30 seconds on your side.

99% of them are all related to tags.

I tought it was because some tags lists were very long, but it’s not the case. When it doesn’t timeout, it can take 15-30 secondes to get only less than 100 tags

The calls are always the same:
GET /api/1.1/workspaces/[idworkspace]/tags?opt_fields=id,name,color,created_at,resource_type&limit=100

When I repeat the call after, it is very fast.
But the first occurence can take very long time.

Hi @Frederic_Malenfant, you may be affected by the same issue described in a similar recent post. Can you provide the ID of the affected workspace?

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