New gateway timeout when getting projects list

Since we use the api, we never get any gateway timeout when getting the list of all projects for any of our app user. We only got timeout on tags list.

But, since 5-10 days, we started getting timeout only to get the list of all projects!

You certainly changed something in the code that make this happen…

And when it doesn’t timeout, it can take 30-40 seconds to get 1 page that took 1-3 seconds before.


@Ross_Grambo or @Joe_Trollo, what do you think here?

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Hmmm. My gut says this has to do with our lazy loading changes, but I’m not sure.

I’ll ask the API team if they have an idea.

@Frederic_Malenfant, could you dm me your app id and if possible, the specific endpoint that’s giving you these issues?

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I sent you details about how we use it, and specific timeout we got on july 10. And this morning, it was also slow, but we did not get any timeout since. But, 15-45 seconds for 1 page of 100 items, it’s almost like a timeout wen we need to query a list of 1500 projects!

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Hmm we looked into our logs for your app and we don’t really see an uptick recently. It’s been averaging ~2-3 slow requests (defined as >10 seconds) a day for the last two months. While this isn’t great, the api team and I don’t see anything recent that looks concerning.

Thank you, I’ll add some log info in the next days to get real statistics about it and I’ll get back to you. Actually, my concern was based on 2 real timeout we got on july 10, + delay I read in fiddler when I debug the app, with lots of queries over 10 seconds that I never saw before.

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